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Genealogy Wallpaper – 5/10/2011

Civil War Wallpaper



A Discovery of Family Photos

I don't write about my personal genealogy on this blog very often, but sometimes I find something that I just have to share. A month or so ago I was on and I came across a photo of my great-grandfather Leroy Julius Anderson. The picture included him and his two brothers, Heber and Everett.

Leroy Julius, Everett and Heber Anderson

I clicked on the photo to find out more about it and who uploaded to the website. I ended up emailing the member who uploaded the picture and asked how they received this picture and if they were related in it and if so who. After only a few hours I received an email back from a gentleman who turns out to be my grandmother's cousin. His dad is Heber Anderson, my great-grandfather's brother. We have been emailing each other back and forth ever since then. It turns out he has had a number of photos of my grandmother, her sister and other family members. The other day I received in the mail some of those photos, including some of the originals. Receiving these pictures was so fun! I had never seen any pictures of my grandmother when she was younger. Isn't it amazing what you can find now with the help of technology, curiosity and websites such as


Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner Video

Over the weekend at the St. George Family History Expo I was able to purchase a couple of Flip-Pal Mobile Scanners for my aunt and sister-in-law. Yes, they did give me money to purchase them... I had a couple people say to me at the conference that they wished they were family so I would buy them on too! As many of you already know, the Flip-Pal is such a great new product enabling you to take a scanner anywhere you go. Because the scanner is so small it makes it so easy to take it to your family's home and scan photo after photo without having to worry about unplugging it from your computer, power outlet and size.
One of the things that impresses me most about the company that manufactures the Flip-Pal is their customer service and customer satisfaction. The Flip-Pal has only been available since the end of November, and since then they have had many Mac users ask them if their EasyStitch software worked on their Mac. At the time it was only available to Windows users, like many other software programs out there. However, they must have had so many Mac users request to have their software work on their computers that they have developed EasyStitch to work now for both Windows and Mac. This impresses me a lot! Most often, software developers do not think that there are that many Mac users to make it worth developing their software for Mac as well as Windows. Now, I agree that there are many software programs that would not have a big Mac user-base, but I believe that Mac users are growing very rapidly and especially in the genealogy community. I want to say "Thank you" to the Flip-Pal team for showing us Mac users that you listen and care enough to make your amazing software available to all of us! At the conference I was able to play with the Flip-Pal and use the EasyStitch software on my Mac. The software works very similar to the Windows software. It is VERY simple and easy to use. All you have to do is open the software, select which images you want to "stitch" and let it do its magic. Below is a video I put together to show how easy and simple it is to use. Even for you Windows users, this video shows a great demonstration of the Flip-Pal.
If you already own a Flip-Pal you can still download and use the Mac software free of charge! All you have to do is follow the simple steps found here. This new software for Mac only includes the EasyStitch and not the color correction software like on Windows. I am sure the Flip-Pal team have this on their to-do list though.


Mobile Monday – Camera Connection Kit

Today in the Mobile Monday Series I am going to talk about two pieces of hardware you can purchase rather than an app you can download. For those of you with an iPad, I am sure you have done some genealogical research on it. If you haven't or you don't realize the amazing capabilities it has to help you in your research, you are missing out. I hope that in the next few months I can help show you many features, apps, etc. to help you really take your genealogy mobile. Also, for those of you attending the RootsTech Conference here in Salt Lake City in a few weeks, I will be showing a lot of really cool things you can do on your mobile device! Today I want to show you the iPad Camera Connection Kit. I just recently heard about this little device and since I am such a techie nerd I had to go out and buy it! The current iPad does not have a camera built into it, but I know there are many hopes and rumors that the next generation of iPad will. But for those of us, like myself, who will not be the first ones to rush out and buy the new iPad, there is an amazing alternative. When you buy the iPad Camera Connection Kit it comes with two little adapters. The connection kit enables you to connect your camera to your iPad via the USB cable that comes with your camera or simply by inserting your SD card your photos are stored on. There are many times while doing our research and we take photos of cemeteries, houses, documents and many other items. By using your digital camera and importing the photos into your iPad with the connection kit, you are getting a better quality image than if the iPad had a camera built into it. (Unless your digital camera is a number of years old and has a low megapixel quality.) I bought the iPad Camera Connection Kit on Saturday and was very impressed with it. As soon as you attach the adapter and either plug in your camera or SD card, a screen automatically appears on your iPad showing thumbnails or all the photos available to import into your iPad.

I find this to be very handy especially when you don't want to carry around your laptop with you while you are on the go. The two adapters are small enough they fit into a little pouch I have for my iPad and I hardly even notice they are there. Honestly, the more I use my iPad and find little adapters, cases and apps the more I am liking it. I find myself using my iPad a lot more than my laptop at times. There are many times where it is so much more convenient to use and carry around. Do any of you have the iPad Camera Connection Kit? Do you like it? What other options have you found using your mobile devices and taking photos? Leave us your comments and feedback below!