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Win a Free Copy of MacFamilyTree

As posted earlier today, Find My Ancestor had it's first Blogiversary yesterday! As part of celebrating this week, I am going to be giving away a free copy of MacFamilyTree for one lucky follower.
MacFamilyTree is one of the most popular genealogy software for the Mac. I think one of the greatest features about MacFamilyTree is the charts and reports you are able to create. I find them to be a lot more fun and interesting looking than other database software I have used in the past.
Pedigree Chart
Fan Chart
Person Report
Descendant Chart
Here are the rules for you to enter to win your copy of MacFamilyTree:
You do not have to do all the options below. You may chose one or all!
Contest ends on December 25, 2010 at midnight MST. The winner will be notified by 8:00 pm MST December 26, 2010 via Facebook, Twitter or email with instructions on how to download the software with the registration code.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Mac Genealogists are Sprouting

There has been quite the talk this week as far as Mac Genealogy goes. I have read numerous emails, lists and blogs talking about doing your genealogy on a Macintosh computer.

Earlier this week there was a conversation started on the APG Members list about genealogy software for the Mac and which ones people were using and recommendations. Of course the main application mentioned was Reunion for Mac. From what I can tell, it seems like this is the genealogy software program of choice for those who use Macs. Over the past two years that I have had my Mac I have noticed that whenever the topic comes up about which software program people use, it tends to be Reunion for Mac.

There are not as many genealogy database applications for Mac as there are for PC, but the number seems to be growing. The latest program that I know about is Family Tree Maker for Mac. I have used this new application and find it to be very good. Of course one of the best things about it is that it connects directly to allowing you to easily find records, add them to your tree and any other resources available at The software also works quite well transferring data back and forth between the Mac version and the Windows version.

One other great program available for Mac users is Mac Family Tree. The thing I like most about Mac Family Tree is the various charts and reports you are able to create. In my opinions, they are more aesthetically pleasing compared to Reunion and Family Tree Maker. I am more of a graphical person though, so that may be why I like all the different colors Mac Family Tree uses. Below is a comparison of pedigree charts in the three applications mentioned.
Click on the image to enlarge

If I could take features from these three applications and add a few of my own I think I could have an amazing genealogy software! Throughout this past week when people have asked which application they use or prefer I have answered with the following responses. 

*Note: The following are my opinions. If you feel different about any of these, please leave your comments below, but please do not leave rude or inappropriate comments.
  •  I think Reunion for Mac is the best out of the three as far as database entry goes. Reunion has many customization features the others do not. For instance, the sourcing capabilities in Reunion allow you to create your own source citation templates. This is great because the default templates do not follow Elizabeth Shown Mills book, Evidence Explained.
  • Reunion also allows you to customize your reports to include and exclude very specific information. You can also create report templates depending on what information you want on various reports.
  • Mac Family Tree however has better looking charts and reports. Like shown above, I think their reports and charts look better and are more graphical and modern than both Reunion and Family Tree Maker.
  • On that note, I do want to mention the feature I really like about Reunion and that is that you can export your Family Group Records, Narrative Reports, Person Reports, etc. to 3rd party applications such as Apple Pages, Microsoft Word and others. This allows you to add graphics, text, etc. to your reports if you want to make them look better.
  • Like I also mentioned above, I think one of the best features about Family Tree Maker is the direct connection with and how easy it is to add a document or record to the person in your family tree.
  • I also really like the maps feature that Family Tree Maker includes.
Disclaimer: This post includes some websites and software references. Find My Ancestor is not an affiliate with any of these products. I just find them to be great products and use them on a regular basis. The opinions in this post are mine and are in no way influenced by any of these products.