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Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper – 4/4/2011

Here is your Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper! I am going to start including some more information along with these wallpapers from time to time. Whenever I create a historical wallpaper or a location based wallpaper I will include other blogs, websites, histories and other information. Also, many of you will notice the sizes of wallpaper has changed. After a couple months of making these wallpapers and monitoring the stats of the visitors of this blog and website I have decided to modify the wallpaper sizes to better fit your computer monitor. The new sizes are close if not exact sizes of the most common monitor resolutions of the visitors. I hope these sizes will work better for your computers. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Civil War Wallpaper  


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Mobile Monday – Library of Congress

Disclaimer: The following reviews may have personal opinions in them. At the bottom of each review there is a link to purchase and download the app reviewed. By clicking on the links below you are helping support this free blog and Find My Ancestor. Thank You!

The following post continues the Mobile Monday Series reviewing various apps for mobile devices that help doing genealogy while you are on the go. If you haven't been following this series be sure to check previous posts:

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Library of Congress

The Library of Congress App is a great way to take a virtual tour of the Library of Congress. While the app may not help you with finding documents, recording findings, or have any actual databases on the app, it does give a great overview of the Library with pictures, descriptions, and even resource links that you can then go to to find more information.

The home screen gives a few options of where in the Library you want to “go”. By clicking on each of these icons you will be taken to more options about that particular place within the Library.

For instance, “Exploring the Early Americas” button takes you to a screen describing the selections that the area contains. “Exploring the Early Americas features selections from the more than 3,000 rare maps, documents, paintings, prints, and artifacts that make up the Jay I. Kislak Collection at the Library of Congress.” It goes on and talks about the exhibition and Jay Kislak.

On each of the sections of the app there is some audio files that you can listen to to get more information about the section.

By clicking on the camera button on the bottom of the screen you are able to view images of different artifacts, documents, and other parts of the particular section you are viewing at the time.

Also, by clicking the book icon in the right hand corner of the screen you are able to find other related links about the topics. When you click on those links they take you to the Library of Congress website with more information. In my opinion, one of the bad thing about clicking these links and it opening the web page is there is no option to open it in Safari or to view the link that it just took you to. Since you are viewing this app and pages within it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the text can be quite small and hard to read. It would be nice if you could copy the link or at least view it so you can know exactly where to go on your computer to view it on a bigger screen. Hopefully in the future they will add this option to the app.

Overall, I think this app is a handy little education resource to learn more about the Library of Congress and more about the United States and it’s history. And of course, one of the great things about this app is it is FREE!