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Mobile Monday – Voice Memos

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The following post continues the Mobile Monday Series reviewing various apps for mobile devices that help doing genealogy while you are on the go. If you haven't been following this series be sure to check previous posts:

Voice Memos

One of my favorite apps I use on my phone quite frequently is the Voice Memos App. The app comes pre-installed on your iPhone and enables you to do just what the title says, create voice memos.
This app is great for interviewing your family members, making little notes while you are on the go or to simply record your own family history. The application is very easy to use and the interface is very basic - no need of technical knowledge here. All you have to do once you are in the app is click the record button.
Once you are done recording you can view all the previous recorded audio clips, play them, edit them and share them.
To share an audio clip, click on the the specific memo either by clicking the little blue arrow button or the time the clip was recorded. If you click the time the clip was recorded, the Share button you see on the bottom of the screen will light up or if you click the arrow you will see another Share button on that screen.
Once you click the Share button, simply click Email and then enter in the email address you are wanting to send it to. If you clicked the little blue button to share the clip, you will notice there is also a Trim button. This will enable you to "trim" the clip, which in audio and video editing terms means to shorten. You may have pressed the record button and got a big long audio recording but you only want to share a little portion of that clip. By using the trim feature you can send only what you want and nothing else. This also helps keep the file sizes down too.

One great feature that I just found the other day was the ability to mark what kind of memo you are creating. After creating the audio clip, click again on the little blue button where it gives you the option to trim and share your clip. Notice there is another little arrow pointing to the right on the same box that has the time and date of the recording. When you click on that arrow another screen comes up letting you chose what kind of recording you made and label it that way.
This is a great way to keep all your voice memos organized. You can also create your own custom label to name it what ever you want.

After recording your memos you can also save them onto your computer hard drive for later use and sharing as well. When you sync your iPhone to your computer with iTunes, all your voice memos you created since the last sync are copied onto your computer into your iTunes Library. From there, simply right click on the voice memo in iTunes and either click on "Show in Finder" or "Show in Explorer" depending on if you are using a Mac or a PC. This will take to you the location on your hard drive where this clip is stored. You can use this clip in movies, slideshows, emailing, etc. 

Again, this app is already installed on your device so there is not further actions you need to take other than just clicking the record button.