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I Am Thankful For… 24 November 2010

Have you been to a genealogy conference before? That is what I am thankful for today!

My first genealogy conference I went to was the Mesa Family History Expo last January. I was fortunate enough to win free tickets to the conference from the Genealogy Gems Podcast. I had no idea how much fun I was going to have, or even how many friends I would make because of that conference! I now have genealogy friends all across the country because of that conference. I even met a new genealogy friend Joan Miller who is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

At that conference I was able to attend many classes on various topics from hard drive organization by Leland Meitzler, the Genealogical Proof Standard by Mark Tucker and Google Earth for Genealogy by Lisa Louise Cooke. Those were just a few of the many great classes taught at that expo.

Since that expo I have been fortunate to attend many others including:

I am also scheduled to speak at Leland Meitzler's Christmas Tour next month in Salt Lake City Utah. For more information about that tour/conference, visit Leland's blog.

I have also been asked to present at the new RootsTech Conference that will be held in Salt Lake City next February. I am very honored to be part of the great speakers that will be presenting at this new and exciting conference about technology. For more information about the RootsTech Conference and to register, visit their website.

I am hoping to attend the Family History Expo in Mesa again this next year in January, and I am definitely going to the Family History Expo in St. George. These expos are so fun and educational! I highly recommend you attend one of these conferences if you have not been to one yet!


Evidence Analysis for Genealogists – NGS Review Part 2

The first class after visiting the exhibit hall was titled "Prove It! Evidence Analysis for Genealogists" by Laura Murphy DeGrazia, CG. One thing I have been wanting to learn more about is citing sources and evaluating evidence. Laura did a great job in her presentation.
  • Waiting for the first class to start. "Prove It! Evidence Analysis for Genealogists"
  • Source - Original: earliest form Derivative: copied from the original
  • There is no gaurantee the original source is correct...
  • "No single source is enough." Always get as mush as possible.
  • A source can include both primary and secondary. Take a death certificate for instance.
  • Why did our ancestors lie about dates, places, names, etc. on records?
  • Two types of evidence - direct or indirect. Direct: answer a question on it's own, Indirect: must be combined with other evidence
  • Use the Genealogical Proof Standard GPS to prove evidence.
  • To learn more about the GPS, go to the ThinkGenealogy blog by @marktucker (
  • Laura is giving examples of analysis on her own family-there are spelling errors along with dates. Always do more research
  • Settling for a derivative source when there are originals may cause you to lose valuable information and be misinformed.
Are you interested in learning more abou citing sources and the Genealogical Proof Standard? Check these books: