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Thank You Genealogy Vendors and GeneaBloggers

Last year when I attended the Jamboree I was given a GeneaBloggers Welcome Bag full of great stuff. This year, all the bloggers were welcomed again with more amazing gifts. First of all, thank you to all the vendors and individuals who provided us with these fun things. The donors this year include: A big thanks also goes to the Jamboree Welcome Bag Team which helped put the bags together and contact the vendors for their donations: I am excited to use these products and take advantage of the other great things offered in these bags. Thank you again to everyone who made the welcome bag and this weekend such a great success!  


SCGS2011 – First Evening

Well I got into LAX about 4:30 yesterday afternoon and by the time I got on the shuttle and to the Marriott in Burbank it was about 7:00. Even though it took 2 1/2 hours to get from the airport to the conference on the shuttle, the cheaper flight and extra time in the car were well worth it! The Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree is such an amazing conference and great opportunity to network with other genealogists. Last year was my first time coming to Jamboree and by the time I left last year I said that I would definitely be coming back for this year. Upon arriving the first two Geneabloggers I saw were Daniel Horowitz from My Heritage and Schelly Talalay Dardashti from Tracing the Tribe. I immediately went to the blogging area where everyone hung out last year and saw Gini from Ginisology, along with her husband Steve and granddaughter Emma. They were sitting with Sheryl from Heritage Happens and Angela from Leaves of Heritage. I had not met Angela before, like I said earlier, this is  a perfect opportunity to meet new genealogists and fellow bloggers. We visited in the lobby for a while and saw other bloggers come and go. Elyse from Elyse's Genealogy Blog came along, Kathryn Doyle from the California Genealogical Society, footnoteMaven, and I saw Leland Meitzler from Genealogy Blog and the Genealogy Guys pass by as well. I look forward to today meeting all the other Geneabloggers and attending some great classes. This morning I am also hosting a round table discussion on Mac Genealogy. If any of you are going to be here at Jamboree and have a Mac, or would like to learn more about Mac computers and how there are amazing applications available to help you do your genealogy, come on out to the tent and join us!


My RootsTech Interviews with Lorine Schulze and Thomas MacEntee

You may have noticed a number of bloggers lately posting interviews they did with fellow bloggers and presenters at the upcoming RootsTech conference. Recently Lorine Shulze from Olive Tree Genealogy and Thomas MacEntee from Geneabloggers interviewed me about my presentation Mobile Apps for Genealogy.

To read what I had to say about my presentation and RootsTech, visit their blogs. You can also learn more about some of the kinds of apps that I will be talking about at the conference by following the Mobile Monday Series on this blog.


I Am Thankful For… 22 November 2010

For those of you reading this blog post I am sure you will agree with me for what I am thankful for - blogs.

During the past year the genealogy blog community has exploded with population. I began my first genealogy blog about a year ago. At that time there were only about 700 genealogy blogs on the Geneabloggers website. Now, as of today there are 1,416 blogs on the Geneabloggers list. In just one year the number of genealogy blogs has doubled. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Geneablogging community, visit their website to learn more  and to become part of the community -

Why do I blog? Why do I enjoy blogging?
I blog about genealogy and my own family history for a number of reasons.

1) I blog because it is fun. I find blogging educational and entertaining. When I made my first blog post I wondered if anyone would even read what I wrote and had to say. I wondered if anyone would even care what a 22 year old "boy" would have to say in regards to genealogy. For the most part genealogy isn't a hobby you see young adults getting involved with very often. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the comments I have received from all my readers who have began to follow me over the past year. Thank you to those of you who do follow me and leave comments. I appreciate it very much.

2) I blog and read others blogs because I learn so many things as I read what others have to say about genealogy and as I find topics to write about. It is truly amazing the things we learn from each other and the ways we are able to help each other.

3) I blog because I enjoy helping others learn more about genealogy and the various ways we can do our research with all the books, technology, conferences and many other forms of learning. I hope that the things I write about are things that help you out there learn and become a better genealogist.