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Where Did You Get That Information?

As most of us know or at least should know, citing our sources is one of the most important things when we are doing our genealogy. But, how many of us are exact in citing our sources, recording in our research logs, and all of the other forms that are supposed to help us keep our genealogy organized and accurate? I know I am guilty of getting excited over finding a record or document and forgetting to cite where I got the information and then later asking myself where I got it.

One of my Genealogy New Year's Resolutions is to go through all of the research I have done so far and make sure I have all of my info correctly sourced and to actually use those forms like the research calendar, research log, and correspondence log to help me get all of my research organized.

I recently purchased Organize Your Genealogy Life CD from Family Tree Magazine and am reading through those articles and tips to get all my stuff organized. I am hoping that I can read through that and get things squared away. I am pretty good at keeping things organized once they are organized, but to get to that point is where I sometimes have trouble. Of course my biggest problem with my organization right now is I don't have the space for it. If I had a bigger space to "spread out" I could easily organize all my documents, photos, charts, etc.

I am interested to see who out there has also used the techniques taught in the Organize Your Genealogy Life CD and what your input is on it. Do you use another organizing technique to keep all of your genealogy organized. Or, are you kind of like me and haven't created an organization system yet and need some help.