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What Has Happened to FindMyAncestor?

Some of you many be wondering lately what has happened here at FindMyAncestor and the lack of blog posts, tweets, etc. Let me first apologize for how quiet it has been around here lately.

The past two weeks have been so jam-packed full of events I have hardly had time to read my email let alone make blog posts, Tweets, Facebook updates, etc. I started school again last week as well as this week I started a new job so now I am working two part-time jobs and going to school at night. Needless to say I have my hands full right now!

I have many ideas for blog posts including finishing up my reviews from last weeks Family History Expo in Sandy, Utah. There are a number of posts I want to make from that expo. There are a couple of other really cool posts that I am wanting to get up and going soon.

I am going to spend this weekend working on catching up on blog posts which I will have scheduled coming out over the next week or so, working on things for the Utah Genealogical Association, and of course work on my own genealogy. It has been a while since I have sat down and worked on my own genealogy I am having withdrawals... haha.

So, stay tuned over the next week or two for some great genealogy posts from FindMyAncestor. And again, I ask you to be patient with my lack of posts that may occur over the next few months.


Sandy Family History Expo is Underway!

So the first day of the Sandy Family History Expo is half over. Time has flown by so fast!! It seems like I have been running non-stop since I got here at 7am this morning.

I first got here this morning to set up the Utah Genealogical Association booth (403). I am here with Jerry Molloy managing the booth for the day. We have had a great turnout at the booth. There have been many people come by and who are interested in joining UGA. Also many people have come by and signed up for UGA's e-newsletter. If you are interested in signing up for the newsletter contact me with your name and email and I will get you signed up. We are working on getting a link on the website where you can sign up by yourself.

The vendors here in the exhibit hall are awesome! I haven't been able to completely go around and talk with everyone and see all who are here, but from what I have been able to see by browsing I am very impressed! I will be going around a little bit later taking some pictures and talking with more of the vendors and the great products they offer.

For those of you who are going to be here at the expo tomorrow be sure to come by the UGA booth (403) as well as the Bloggers of Honor table and say hi! I will also be teaching my Produce a Family History CD class tomorrow afternoon. Come and learn some of the best programs out there to easily create amazing CD's you can share with your family and friends.


Family History Expo – Sandy Utah 2010

The following announcement was release by Family History Expos:

Good Evening!
As we get closer to the Salt Lake City Family History Expo (it’s in just 10 days, can you believe it?!) we wanted to let you know about some of the great speakers we have scheduled. 
We hope you are as excited as we are to hear the presentations at Expo. Expo will feature notable speakers throughout the two days. Tom Kemp, Director of Genealogy Projects at NewsBank will start off the Expo by delivering his keynote address on the Expo theme, Let your Light Shine!

  Other notable speakers include:
  • Arlene Eakle, PhD, president and founder of The Genealogical Institute, Inc. Eakle is a consultant, lecturer, author and researcher specializing in the geographic areas of New York, Southern U.S., British Isles, Switzerland, and parts of Germany.
  • Kory Meyerink, Vice–President of ProGenealogists will speak on Pennsylvania German Research and Pennsylvania ancestors. 
  • Author Leslie Albrecht Huber will present on topics to help you trace your immigrant ancestors as well as sign copies of her book The Journey Takers.

Exhibitors will be at the event to offer hands-on demonstrations and techniques and technology to help researchers trace their roots.

You can read the program for the Salt Lake Family History Expo at

For those who are new Bloggers of Honor, we have attached our Blogger of Honor badge that can be added to your blog. We are excited to have you join us and hope you are too!
We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!
Holly T. Hansen
Family History
PO Box 187
Morgan, UT 84050
Phone: 801-829-3295
Web site:
Twitter: @FHExpos

If you have not yet registered for the expo, you can still register online at their website or in person at the conference. 


Review of Jamboree 2010

The Southern California Genealogical Societies Annual Jamboree has now ended. This was my first time attending Jamboree, and I must say it was a blast!!

I have never met so many so many people blogging about genealogy all at the same time and place. I am not sure exactly how many GeneaBloggers we had there, but there were a lot! I was able to see many who I had already met at previous conferences, and I met a lot who I have seen and follow their blogs, but never met in person.

Friday when I first arrived I met up with Amy Coffin of the We Tree Blog, Holly Hansen of Family History Expos, and Thomas MacEntee of GeneaBloggers. They were sitting near the hotel lobby all on their laptops just typing away. I had met all three of them for the first time at the Mesa Family History Expo in January 2010.

There wasn't an opening keynote speaker like they usually have at all the other conferences I have been to, so that was a little different but nothing heart-breaking. After registration I walked around the exhibit hall to see what kind of new booths were available that I haven't seen at any other conferences. Some of my other blog posts go into a little more about the exhibit hall.

The first class I attended was Lisa Louise Cooke's titled "What You Must Know To Save Your Research From Destruction". Without reading the syllabus to see exactly what this class was about I assumed it was going to have ideas and ways to make your genealogy archival safe from disaster and aging. Rather, Lisa talked about the importance of coming up with a Genealogy Materials Directive and making donations with a Deed of Gift. You can download Lisa's form from Genealogy Gems. Click on the link on the left hand side that says Directive for OGS

That evening a group of GeneaBloggers who didn't attend the Friday Night Banquet, My Genealogy Now and Then, featuring Chris Haley, got together and went to a really good Greek restaurant across the street from the hotel and had a great time visiting and getting to know each other better. 

At dinner I met Gini Webb from Ginisology and her husband Steve. I sat by them at dinner and we got to know each other better. Gini and I have know each other for a little while because of our two blogs, but had never met in person until now, so it was really great to finally meet her and become good friends. I also sat next to Steve Danko from Steve's Genealogy Blog whom I had never met until then. Cheryl Palmer from Heritage Happens who is another great friend I finally met was sitting next to him. Other bloggers who joined us were Becky Wiseman from Kinexxions, Susan Kitchens from Family Oral History, Randy Seaver and his wife Linda from Genea-Musings, Susi Pentico from Susi's Chatty Performances, and a couple others who I did not get a chance to meet and visit with.

After dinner we went back to the hotel lobby and visited with one another as well as a few other bloggers. Tami Glatz from Relatively Curious, Kathryn Doyle from California Ancestors, and the famous footnoteMaven. I have been looking forward to seeing footnoteMaven for quite some time. She is such a fun and sweet lady! It will be a lot of fun talking to her and all the others who I have now finally met in person. Late that night as we were all sitting near the lobby, Elyse Doerflinger from Elyse's Genealogy Blog showed up and brought a lot of life to the party! Elyse was not able to attend the conference on Friday because she was at her graduation!! Congrats Elyse!

Saturday morning started off with a great breakfast at the restaurant there in the hotel with Gini and Steve, Cheryl, Elyse, and I. There we were able to again visit and have more fun.

After breakfast, Gini, Steve, Cheryl, and I went to the Blogger's Summit Part 1 where Thomas MacEntee, Stephen Danko, Elyse Doerflinger, and Randy Seaver were on the panel of bloggers discussing what a blog is for those who were not familiar with them, how to set one up, how to make posts, and most importantly what the benefits of having a genealogy blog are.

Right after Part 1 and before Part 2, all of the GeneaBloggers who were around got together for a big group photo. It was pretty crazy trying to get everyone in the picture because there were probably a dozen cameras and as soon as we would take one picture another blogger would walk in and join us so then another picture had to be taken. Sorry if my photo (provided by Gini Webb) does not have you in it!

At one o'clock on Saturday Lisa Louise Cooke had a live recording of the Genealogy Gems Podcast. It was a lot of fun being able to to see the recording of that. Her guests on the show were Suzanne Adams of, the Photo Detective Maureen Taylor, and Chris Haley.

Suzanne Adams talked about some of the process she went through doing research for Who Do You Think You Are. Can you imagine what it would have been like to help with the research for those celebrities? That would be such a great opportunity to help with that.

Maureen Taylor talked about her new book called The Last Muster: Images of the Revolutionary War Generation. This book is really neat! I was able to purchase a copy of the book at Jamboree and have started reading through the amazing stories of the people who lived during the Revolutionary War. Each story includes a photograph of the person. The book will be available later this month. You can pre-order a copy through

Chris Haley was her last guest on the episode. Chris is the nephew of Alex Haley who is the author of the book Roots. Chris is a genealogist himself as well as a perfumer. During the podcast Lisa asked him if he would sing a song for the audience. 

On Sunday morning Gini, Cheryl, and I went to Geoff Rasmussen's class titles "Timelines and Chronologies: Secrects of Genealogical Success". I have attended a couple of Geoff's classes at previous conferences, but none of them have been about the Legacy Software. I had never even seen Legacy in action until this class. I must say, I found it to be a very cool software. There are many great features I liked about it that aren't found in other genealogy softwares. The main purpose of his class of course was to demo and emphasize the importance in timelines in your research. Most of the time we look at Family Group Records and Pedigree Charts, but those won't give us information as to where other important events took place to tell us where to look for records. I thought it was pretty cool. I am going to have to play around with Legacy and check out it's other features.

Geoff also did a demo on two other softwares called AniMap and Centenia. Both programs I had never heard of but they are a must for every genealogist! Have you ever had an experience where you were looking for a record in a specific county during a certain time frame? Then, after searching for what seems like forever you find out that at the time record was created is  wasn't the same county or even state that it is today? You didn't even know the boundaries had changed? AniMap and Centenia can help you figure out boundaries of the places you search for. I will be posting a later blog entry about AniMap in more detail after I play with it for a while.

People started to filter out throughout the day on Sunday as they were heading home. Jamboree was such a fun conference and it was great to be able to meet all of the GeneaBloggers who I had not met before and to be able to see all the friends who I have met at other conferences. If you have never been to Jamboree, I highly recommend it for next year. I will definitely be there!!