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A Busy Week in Genealogy

This has been a very busy week and it seems like I have missed quite a few things going on in the genealogy community! As I have been going through my Google Reader reviewing all the things that have been happening I figured I am probably not the only one who has been running from place to place and is now just catching up on all blogs, press releases and numerous other things. Here are a few things I have found going on this week that I found interesting!
Federation of Genealogical Societies Radio Debut - My Society
April 20, 2011 – Austin, TX. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) announces the debut of My Society, the first Internet radio show dedicated solely to genealogy societies. Broadcast weekly each Saturday at 1:00 pm Central, My Society will host discussions of genealogy society topics with a variety of guests including well-known genealogists and genealogy community leaders. This unique media outlet can be accessed at To read the full article, visit
Making Money in Genealogy?
There has been quite the talk lately in the genealogy community about making money doing genealogy. Whether you are a blogger, speaker or researcher this article by DearMYRTLE is a great one to check out. She also gives links to other blogger's posts about the topic.
FamilySearch is Adding Source Capabilities
On Saturday I attended the monthly Riverton Family History Seminar. I attended a great keynote presentation by Tim Cross of FamilySearch talking about of the new features that are coming to FamilySearch. One of the features that particularly stuck out to me was the ability to add sources to the FamilySearch Tree. When Tim mentioned this my first thought was "about time". FamilySearch has done such a great job incorporating Web 2.0 and other great features to their website in the last few years. The Ancestry Insider describes a little bit more about Tim's presentation and when we can [hopefully] expect to see these new features. Hopefully this weekend I will have more time to read more genealogy blogs, write a few more posts and get some personal genealogy time in there as well.