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Recently I have gotten quite a few emails from people saying how much they enjoy the Genealogy Wallpapers I post each week for you to download. First of all, let me say thank you to all of you who have left comments or sent me emails with the complements you have given me. I really enjoy creating these wallpapers and I'm glad you are enjoying them. I have had a few people ask me if they could post the wallpaper on their blog, email it to a friend or share it in other ways with their genealogy friends and family. I decided to create a "terms of use" page on the website. In general, this page talks about how much I enjoy making these wallpapers and how I want to continue to give them to you for free. I also talk about where I get the graphics/images for the wallpapers. I also specify where and how I would like you to share the Genealogy Wallpapers with others if you choose to do so. One of the ways you can help share the Genealogy Wallpapers with others is by placing the Wallpaper Widget I created in your own website or blog's sidebar. Below is the widget along with the HTML code you need to place in your sidebar. Again, this is not mandatory, but if you would like to help share these wallpapers with others it is a simple and easy way for others to find them.

If you are not sure how to add the HTML code above to your blog, instructions on how to add this for Blogger users are below: Once you log into your Blogger account, click on Design on your Blogger Dashboard. You will see that this is where you can add "Gadgets" to your sidebar. Click on "Add a Gadget" and scroll down until you find "HTML/Javascript". Click the little plus button to add it to your sidebar. After you click the plus button, the next window that pops up is where you will paste the HTML code from above. On this screen you can add a title to the Gadget if you want, but it isn't required. After you add the HTML code, simply click Save. Now the Genealogy Wallpapers Gadget will be on your blog's sidebar. Thanks again for all your compliments on the wallpapers and for those of you who add this Gadget to your sidebar to help share them with others! If you have any other questions, please read the Terms of Use or contact me!


Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper – 3/20/11

Here is your Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper! I hope you enjoy it!

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Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper – 3/14/11

So as many of you know, the past couple weeks have been really crazy for me so I am sorry I have not put a new Genealogy Wallpaper up lately, so today I am going to give you two new Genealogy Wallpapers. They are both very simple, but I hope you enjoy them!!   Be sure to check out all the other Genealogy Wallpapers on Find My Ancestor.


Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner Video

Over the weekend at the St. George Family History Expo I was able to purchase a couple of Flip-Pal Mobile Scanners for my aunt and sister-in-law. Yes, they did give me money to purchase them... I had a couple people say to me at the conference that they wished they were family so I would buy them on too! As many of you already know, the Flip-Pal is such a great new product enabling you to take a scanner anywhere you go. Because the scanner is so small it makes it so easy to take it to your family's home and scan photo after photo without having to worry about unplugging it from your computer, power outlet and size.
One of the things that impresses me most about the company that manufactures the Flip-Pal is their customer service and customer satisfaction. The Flip-Pal has only been available since the end of November, and since then they have had many Mac users ask them if their EasyStitch software worked on their Mac. At the time it was only available to Windows users, like many other software programs out there. However, they must have had so many Mac users request to have their software work on their computers that they have developed EasyStitch to work now for both Windows and Mac. This impresses me a lot! Most often, software developers do not think that there are that many Mac users to make it worth developing their software for Mac as well as Windows. Now, I agree that there are many software programs that would not have a big Mac user-base, but I believe that Mac users are growing very rapidly and especially in the genealogy community. I want to say "Thank you" to the Flip-Pal team for showing us Mac users that you listen and care enough to make your amazing software available to all of us! At the conference I was able to play with the Flip-Pal and use the EasyStitch software on my Mac. The software works very similar to the Windows software. It is VERY simple and easy to use. All you have to do is open the software, select which images you want to "stitch" and let it do its magic. Below is a video I put together to show how easy and simple it is to use. Even for you Windows users, this video shows a great demonstration of the Flip-Pal.
If you already own a Flip-Pal you can still download and use the Mac software free of charge! All you have to do is follow the simple steps found here. This new software for Mac only includes the EasyStitch and not the color correction software like on Windows. I am sure the Flip-Pal team have this on their to-do list though.