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Genealogy Wallpaper – 5/10/2011

Civil War Wallpaper



Royal Wedding – Publishes the Genealogy of the Royal Family is one of the best websites to find out who is related to who. If you are ever wondering which celebrity is related to another celebrity, is the place to go. You also don't need to be a celebrity to see who you are related to. You can start by building your family tree and share it with others now!

Today Geni has created a special page in celebration of the Royal Wedding! The chart below comes from and shows some fun facts about the couple and who they are related to. Be sure to also go to the Royal Wedding page on to read more information about the couple!


Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper – 4/4/2011

Here is your Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper! I am going to start including some more information along with these wallpapers from time to time. Whenever I create a historical wallpaper or a location based wallpaper I will include other blogs, websites, histories and other information. Also, many of you will notice the sizes of wallpaper has changed. After a couple months of making these wallpapers and monitoring the stats of the visitors of this blog and website I have decided to modify the wallpaper sizes to better fit your computer monitor. The new sizes are close if not exact sizes of the most common monitor resolutions of the visitors. I hope these sizes will work better for your computers. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Civil War Wallpaper  


The Civil War

Civil War Blogs

Civil War Records

Civil War Education

Civil War Photos


Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper – 3/27/2011

Here is your Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper! I hope you enjoy it! I am also happy to announce that I am going to be featuring some of your own family photos in some of the Weekly Genealogy Wallpapers! Here is your chance to share your family photos with others! The process is simple. Just fill out the form on this page and your family photo may be on one of the next Weekly Genealogy Wallpapers!