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7 Days Left to Win Free Tickets to the St. George FHExpo!

There are only 7 days left to win your free tickets to the St. George Family History Expo! Find My Ancestor has two tickets for both days to the expo, February 26 and 27. For more information on how to enter to win your tickets, click here.

Photos that have already been submitted will be posted over the weekend for you to vote on! Be sure to hurry and email your pictures to


Family Photo Contest

Do you want to go to the St. George Family History Expo but haven’t registered yet? Well here is your chance to win free tickets to attend the two-day conference! Find My Ancestor is holding a contest for the most intriguing photo of an ancestor or family. Below are instructions on how you can enter to win!

Submit your favorite picture of an ancestor or family. Include a description or story about the photo. Include information such as:
  • Who is in the photo?
  • When was the photo was taken?
  • Where was the photo was taken?
  • Why is this photo your favorite?
  • What is so significant about this photo?
Submitted photos will appear on Find My Ancestor and readers will get to vote on the photos submitted. Two winners will be selected according to reader’s votes. Contest ends February 11, 2010 and the two winners will be notified February 12, 2010.

Email your photo(s) to

Be sure to include your name, and contact information so Find My Ancestor can contact you about the winners.

NOTE: By submitting photos you give Find My Ancestor the right to publish them onto the website for others to view and vote on. By submitting photos you confirm you will be able to attend the expo in St. George, Utah February 26 and 27. If you have any other questions, please contact Find My Ancestor.