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Mobile Monday and Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper – Delayed

Some of you may be wondering why there hasn't been a post today for the Mobile Monday or even the Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper. I have to do a quick post to apologize to you who were expecting these posts.

I have been busy studying for my midterms this week and I have not had a lot of time to make the WordPress tutorial or the Weekly Genealogy Wallpaper. Don't worry, I will still do them, but it might take me a few more days to finish and publish them. Again, I apologize for this and hope that you all understand!


Find My Ancestor Newsletter Begins

I have wanted to start a newsletter for a while now and I finally made the first one! I am hoping this newsletter will be able to bring other information and great tips for you all doing your family history research. These newsletters will consist of content pulled from the blog and well as new content found no where else. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get that extra info! To subscribe to the newsletter, fill out the form found on the Newsletter Page! To read this first newsletter, click here. You can also easily sign up for the newsletter by clicking here.


Genealogy… Isn’t that for OLD people?

Photo by Cieleke
When most people hear the word genealogy or "family history" they immediately think, it is just for old people or say "My grandma does that.". There are very few "young" people out there that do genealogy.

Why is is that people have that mind set that it is just an old granny thing to do? Why aren't there more of the younger generations out there searching for their ancestors? After all, they are the ones who are computer savvy. They grew up with computers and are quicker to learn all of the new technologies.

One question I have been asking myself lately is "How can we(genealogists) get more of the young people involved and interested in genealogy?" I know we can't force anyone to do anything, but I think that if many of them would just give it a try, they would be hooked! So now I am asking you - What are ways you have heard or ways that you have thought of to intrigue the younger people in doing genealogy?

Email me your suggestions at I will be doing a future article on your suggestions and ideas to get the younger people involved with genealogy.