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BillionGraves App Available for Android!

Yesterday I received an email from the developers of BillionGraves announcing the release of their app for Android devices!

Since day one of the release of their iPhone app about a month ago, people have been emailing the developers asking for an Android version. Now both iPhone and Android users can take photos of headstones, upload them to the website and help transcribe the images for others to search. The app is now available to download in the Android Market and will soon be available to download in the Amazon App store. I downloaded the app but have not had the chance to use it yet in a cemetery. Perhaps that is what I will do tomorrow afternoon. In the email from BillionGraves they mentioned that not every Android device will be able to use the app. This is because not every Android device uses true GPS and therefore would not tag the photos with the proper coordinates. There is a blog post by BillionGraves that gives more information and a list of known devices that will and will not work properly with the app. Check out the list and see if yours is there. If you do not see your device on the list at all, test out the app and let them know. Have any of you out there had the chance to download the app on your Android device and take photos yet? Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Hi A.C. I used the app today and just blogged about it. It works very nicely.

  2. A.C. – Thanks for spreading the word for us! And thank you for posting a link to the blog post with the lists–it’ll hopefully save some people some frustration if they can figure out whether or not it should work before they get to the cemetery.

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