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A Discovery of Family Photos

I don't write about my personal genealogy on this blog very often, but sometimes I find something that I just have to share. A month or so ago I was on and I came across a photo of my great-grandfather Leroy Julius Anderson. The picture included him and his two brothers, Heber and Everett.

Leroy Julius, Everett and Heber Anderson

I clicked on the photo to find out more about it and who uploaded to the website. I ended up emailing the member who uploaded the picture and asked how they received this picture and if they were related in it and if so who. After only a few hours I received an email back from a gentleman who turns out to be my grandmother's cousin. His dad is Heber Anderson, my great-grandfather's brother. We have been emailing each other back and forth ever since then. It turns out he has had a number of photos of my grandmother, her sister and other family members. The other day I received in the mail some of those photos, including some of the originals. Receiving these pictures was so fun! I had never seen any pictures of my grandmother when she was younger. Isn't it amazing what you can find now with the help of technology, curiosity and websites such as

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  1. You’ve been selected for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can pick it up at Georgia Black Crackers.

  2. Cousin discoveries are great, but when you get photos to boot…well, that’s like Christmas morning!

  3. I love it when people are open and understand that it is our family not my family. Wonderful he shared. Glad you were blessed with such wonderful pictures.

  4. That is one of the most exciting things about working on Family History and finding others to share with or having them find you. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate and Share, Share, Share, I always tell people. I especially love it when they say, “Oh I have some pictures and documents from that family line would you like copies?” You betcha I would!! Enjoy those treasures!

  5. This is a cool find. You’re such and awesome son to want to find these connections!

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