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St. George FHExpo 2011 – Day 2

After frustrations of trying to connect to the Internet on Friday, I was finally able to connect my laptop to the wireless on Saturday morning. Whatever the reasons people were having problems connecting, as soon as the Dixie Center opened up the wifi to everyone without a password, everyone was able to connect just fine - everyone but me that is. Finally, I tried clearing my browser cache (which I did a number of times the day before) it finally worked. After quite a bit of discussion with other bloggers, vendors and others, we came to the conclusion that a big part of the problem was probably because of all the people who had their own cell phones and other devices that were able to become a "mobile hotspot". A post about this and future conferences regarding wireless internet is coming! Saturday morning classes started bright and early at 8 am. I attended a class with my aunt and then headed to the Blog House to meet up with some of the other bloggers. During the conference, I was able to meet Leslie Albrecht Huber, author of The Journey Takers. We were able to visit with one another and get to know each other. I look forward to hopefully seeing her at future conferences. Just like previous conferences, one of my favorite parts of attending a genealogy conference is being able to see my genealogy friends. While sitting at the Blog House, I was able to visit with DearMYRTLE of the DearMYRTLE Blog, Jean Wilcox Hibben of Circlemending, Arlene Eakle of Arlene Eakle's Genealogy Blog, Rayanne Melick of Grove Creek Family History Blog, and the Ancestry Insider. There were also many new friends and genealogists I had the pleasure of meeting while at the conference and I look forward to seeing them again next year! Saturday afternoon I taught the class How to Produce a Family History CD. It makes me very happy to see so many seasoned genealogists that are wanting to share their genealogy research with their family and friends. Ever since I started doing genealogy, I have had the attitude that if you don't share your genealogy with others, what is the point of taking all that time to research and collect records if you don't do anything with it. If you don't put your research in a way that you can easily share it with others it will most likely be thrown away or lost with other junk in the attic - and even if it gets stored in the attic, it will eventually get thrown away. So, do something to preserve and share your genealogy! Even though the St. George Family History Expo was so great, I must admit I was disappointed in the weather. I was looking forward to going down to St. George and get away from the colder weather, but it was so cold and rainy! This same thing happened to me last year at the Mesa Family History Expo. For those of you who attended there, you probably remember how rainy and cold it was there! Isn't that the point of having these two conferences during January and February - get out of the cold? Oh well, regardless of the weather, the conference was a blast!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out AC! Wonderful seeing you at St. George and it was great meeting your Dad’s Aunt, too.

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