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Finding Two Cousins in One Day

Today I found two cousins in two different ways - and I didn't even do much to find them! I know, that does not happy very often, but when it does it is really exciting. Earlier today I was going through some of my email from a couple weeks ago. Isn't that horrible! I feel really bad for some of those people who I just responded today. I have been so busy with everything else life throws at you and today I finally had some time to sit down and try to catch up. One of the emails I went through today was a request from Find A Grave from someone that wanted me to link an individual with her parents. Come to find out, we are distant cousins! Then, this evening as I was out to dinner with my parents my Dad started talking about this guy at his work. Somehow they got on the topic of them being related. This might sound a little confusing, but here we go - this guy's aunt's grandfather is my great grandfather's brother... Did that make sense? I'm sure it did if you are a true genealogist. :) My Dad couldn't remember how exactly we were related or the people's names it involved, so I pulled out my iPhone and opened the Ancestry App and started looking though my database on We think we figured out how exactly he is related to us, but my Dad is going to have to check tomorrow. How cool is that? While we were at dinner I was able to pull out my cell phone and look up my entire family tree. Isn't it amazing what we are able to do with these mobile devices now? For those of you who haven't followed this blog for very long, I do a Mobile Monday Blog Series where I talk about various apps and techniques you can use on your mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Android devices and more. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Congrats to you A.C.! That is awesome!

  2. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog. I have chosen you to receive the “One Lovely Blog” award. You may stop by my blog to see the rules that go along with accepting this award.


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