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Mobile Monday – Find My Ancestor on Your Mobile Device

findmyancestor_ipadI don't know how many of you have tried to access Find My Ancestor on your mobile phone, iPad or other mobile device, but if you have, you have noticed that both the main website as well as the blog are formated for easy viewing and navigation. I regularly use my iPhone and iPad to surf the web, read blogs and watch movies. Surfing the Internet on a mobile is so much easier when the websites I go to are "mobile device enabled". The website appears a bit different than if you were access if on your desktop computer, but with it being mobile device enabled you don't have to worry about always "pinching" your screen to zoom in on paragraphs, pictures and links. Take a look at some of the examples of my website and blog being viewed on a mobile device. Notice some of the differences, but also notice how clean and simple it looks compared to viewing the regular browsing site.

Now, as I have surfed the web with my iPad I have noticed that many of the websites I visit do not automatically take me to the mobile version of that page but rather the full blown site. For the most part I do not find this to be annoying or weird because the screen size of an iPad is big enough that the full blown site works just fine. There are a number of full blown sites I have noticed do not work properly on an iPhone or iPad such as Google Reader. In order to use Google Reader on your iPhone or iPad you need to use the mobile version. If you use either Blogger or WordPress for your genealogy blog, it is very simple to make it mobile device enabled.  My  next two posts are going to show you exactly how to make your blog mobile friendly using Blogger and WordPress so stay tuned!

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