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Thousands of Names Indexed by Young Single Adults

Earlier this week I posted about my University Ward (church congregation) gathering together to index names using the FamilySearch Indexing system. On Monday we gathered for some Cafe Rio and started to get everyone registered and taught them how to index. That night we had about 2400 names indexed by roughly 45 people - not too bad for getting people registered and teaching them how to do it all in one night. We wanted to keep our momentum of Monday night going so we also go together on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. This is going to be a weekly event from now on. Anyone who wants can come and learn how to index, meet new people and accomplish a great service. For those of you who don't know much about FamilySearch Indexing, all of the names that get indexed from original records get put into the FamilySearch database which then allows us all to access millions of names and records for free on On Tuesday we ended up only having a few people show up but we were still able to get roughly 1,000 names indexed that night. On Wednesday we had about 12 people come and go throughout the night and we were able to get roughly 1,800 names indexed. Then on Thursday we had about 8 people show up and index roughly 2,000 names. From Monday to Thursday night we had about 6,200 names indexed at our little "Indexing Parties".

Chelsea, Michelle, Dave

Chelsea, Michelle, Dave

Brittani, Emily, Ameri

On Monday night when we started we only had about 1,500 names for the month. Take those 1,500 names and add the 7,200 from the Indexing Parties and that equals 8,700 names. Now, when I checked our stats this morning we had 12,534 names indexed and 1,151 arbitrated. This means that there were roughly 5,000 names done just this week from people at their homes, in their spare time! Amazing! Below is a graph showing our numbers through the week. I must admit, I never would have imagined my ward getting this involved and having this much fun! I am proven wrong. Everyone on my ward who has done indexing has said how fun it really is. Now that they realize indexing is fun, I just have to get them to start their own family history research!

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  1. That is too cool! How wonderful to have so many names indexed. Also, to do it as a group sounded like it made for fun for everyone. Wow.

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