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Mobile Monday – Another Device to Use Apps

Christmas morning I had one of the biggest surprises. As I was opening gifts by brother said I had to open his last. I didn't think anything of it really. As I started to open the gift I was revealing an Apple iPad box. My first thought was "Yay! I get something in an iPad box!" I did not think it was an actual iPad, but to my great surprise is was. I was shocked. I didn't even know what to say. My brother had received this iPad from his work but he had also just bought himself a Samsung Galaxy Tab a month before so he figured he did not need both devices and therefore gave the iPad to me. (Thanks again Jared!) I have had so much fun with this iPad. I already had an iPhone 4 and have loved it ever since day one, but I must admit, an iPad is a totally different creature! Some of you may be thinking to yourselves that an iPhone and iPad are the same thing except the iPad has a much larger screen. Well, in a way you are right but it is so much more than just a larger screen. There is so much more functionality on an iPad BECAUSE of the bigger screen. Many apps that are developed are "universal" for both the iPhone and iPad while others are developed only for one or the other. Shortly after I opened up my iPad and started playing with it I realized this. The apps that are universal will have many of the same features but also there will be features that one has that the other doesn't. Most of the time the iPad will have more features and functionality than the iPhone. Now, I'm not just giving this lesson on the differences with the iPhone and iPad for no reason, but rather I am telling you this to let you know that there are many of the apps I have previously covered in this series that have more features using the iPad. This allows me to now add the iPad to the devices I have been covering, giving more articles! As I have played with various apps (not dealing with genealogy) I have realized that they can be used for genealogy purposes and help make the research and organization much easier. I am excited to start writing articles on the Mobile Monday series using my iPad. I know there are many apps that will be featured that will help you as well.

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  1. Oh AC, what a PERFECT gift for you! So awesome, what a great brother!

  2. Conrgat’s on the IPad, my sister gave me one for Christmas. I loaded the Families app and synced it to Legacy7 so I’m ready to go.

    Have fun with your new toy.

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