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Mobile Genealogy Apps – Verizon Gets the iPhone

I am sure a lot of you have already heard about the announcement Verizon made this morning about the iPhone, but for those of you who haven't, Verizon is getting the iPhone on February 10, 2011.

This has been a long waited event. For almost two years now I have heard rumors about Verizon getting the iPhone, but every time these rumor mills start they are always proven wrong or nothing has ever happened from it. Today however, it has been confirmed. All of you Verizon customers out there will now be able to have an iPhone! Now, what does this mean for genealogy? More people are going to be able to access the thousands of apps in the App Store that can potentially help you do your genealogy. Now, of course there are not thousands of "genealogy apps" in the App Store, but as you have seen from some of my Mobile Monday posts that there are apps that can help you get organized, share files, store files and many other things that you can incorporate into your genealogical research. I have been doing the Mobile Monday post for about six months now and ever since then I have had many emails and comments from people who say they wished they were able to have an iPhone on Verizon to use these great apps. Well, now you can! I personally think this announcement is great because this will obviously bring many new iPhone users to the millions who already have an iPhone. There are some apps that share information and data between other iPhone users and of course the more who have one the more we will be able to share. So, what are your thoughts on this announcement? Who of you are excited to have the iPhone available on Verizon, and of course how many of you are going to get an iPhone?

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