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Mobile Tree App Update

A few months ago I published an article in the Mobile Monday series about the MobileTree app for the iPhone and Android devices.

The developers of MobileTree have recently released the following message about their app and an upcoming update:

You may have noticed that your MobileTree and MobileTree Lite experience is not working as you have grown accustomed.  Please be aware that we have submitted an update to the application in order to resolve this issue and are anxiously awaiting Apple's approval.
In order to install the update when it is available on an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device you will simply need to tap on the AppStore icon as shown below--and select the update.  You can see that I have a few updates myself...19 to be exact.

We are hopeful that the update will not take a long time to get through the approval process.  Our experience is that it can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.  We will send one other email announcement at the time that it is available on the iTunes AppStore.

When the update is available, to install the new version--tap either on the MobileTree app--or select the Update All button that you will see when you select the Updates option, again--in the AppStore icon. Again, the update is not currently available, but we are anxiously awaiting.
For MobileTree ANDROID users--an update will be available within the next 2 days (it does not require any approval--other than our own testing).  Link information will be made available on our website at

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