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I Am Thankful For – 17 November, 2010

With it being a week away from American Thanksgiving I would like to take some time each day from now until the end of the month and express thanks to those in my life who I am thankful for - both those in genealogy and those not.

To start it off, I would like to express my thanks to my grandparents who have taught me many things about my ancestors. It is such a blessing to still have my grandparents to talk to and ask questions about our family. Because of them, I have many stories, photographs, traditions and many other things I find to be genealogy treasures.

I love listening to my grandma talk about her grandfather, Alvin Leroy Soren, and how he was a dairy man who owned his own dairy. Whenever we talk genealogy she always talks about "Grandpa Soren" and her love for him. Listening to my grandma I can tell he must have been quite the amazing man.
Photo of my grandma Jenille, her brother Wally and their grandfather Alvin Leroy Soren.

Wally and Jenille - Grandpa Soren's milk truck in the background.
My grandpa is one of those people who can talk for hours about history, whether it is family history or U.S. history or World history. When I was younger and didn't have my love for history and genealogy, he would always tell stories and tell how history "really was" not how the text book taught it. Back then I didn't appreciate those things he was teaching me, but now I thoroughly enjoy listening to the many stories he has to tell.

This last February him and I were heading down to St. George, Utah for the Family History Expo and nearly the entire time heading down there he told me about his family, growing up and the many fun, interesting and sad stories that have happened in his life. I had a list of questions and he just talked and talked. I feel very fortunate to have had that time to listen to him and record those things he had to say. He has always been interested in our family history, particularly in our pioneer ancestor, Mathew Hayes Ivory. Over the past few years I have researched this ancestor and have found many new things the family had not previously found. My grandpa was always the first one to say how "amazing" I was that I was able to find all these things online. 
My grandma and grandpa. 
Thank you grandma and grandpa for all you two do for me and the many stories and memories you have left me with! I love you two very much!!

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  1. A.C., you are so lucky to have your grandparents around to tell the family stories. I enjoyed reading about them.

  2. Thanks Becky! I am very grateful I have them around. They are so fun to watch movies with, play games and of course talk about genealogy!

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