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Mobile Monday – WikiTap

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The following post continues the Mobile Monday Series reviewing various apps for mobile devices that help doing genealogy while you are on the go. If you haven't been following this series be sure to check previous posts:

WikiTap is a great application to access Wikipedia while on the go. It has quite a few really neat features to help you learn more about various things and also add and contribute to facts you know about.

Once the app loads, the main screen gives a few suggestions on things to lookup. While the suggested icons on the main screen are sometimes fun to look at, I really like the button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen that says Today in History. This is similar to the On This Day... app I wrote about a while back. By clicking Today in History you can find out different world events that happened on that day, with links to other articles and pictures that tell more about each of the events and people.
While doing a normal search, WikiTap starts showing suggestions of topics or words as you start typing in the search field. This is very useful for a number of reasons. I like it because sometimes if I am typing something really long, it will pick up on what I am wanting to type and since the little keyboard on the iPhone sometimes isn't the best with my fingers, it makes it convenient to click on the suggested words. I is also nice because you can learn of other similar topics that have the same words in them as the one you are searching for.
Once you select a word, topic, etc. of what you are searching for, the page comes up and tells about it just as it would in your normal web browser. Along with the web browser, it has hyperlinks to other words or topics in the paragraphs. This makes for easy transition from one topic to another without having to type it in the search box.
By clicking on the button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen you are able to "Email this Page". This is great if you either want to share the page with someone else or if you want to email it to yourself for a nice reminder and easy access to the article later when you are at your computer.
The plus button (+) next to the email button allows you to add an annotation to the current page you are on. You can either "Find & Add Videos", "Add Pictures", or add stuff "From MyMedia" which is accessible fromt he main screen of the app.
While on a topic page you can click the Contents button on the top of the screen to show you an overview or contents of that page. This allows for easy and fast access to a particular part of the article without having to scroll down the page to find what you are looking for.

Overall, this app is very handy for finding information quickly without having to try and just Google it in the Safari web browser of the phone. It is very simple and easy to use. I really like the options of sending the page as an email as well as the Today in History feature.

Of course, the best part of this app is it is FREE!


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