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What Has Happened to FindMyAncestor?

Some of you many be wondering lately what has happened here at FindMyAncestor and the lack of blog posts, tweets, etc. Let me first apologize for how quiet it has been around here lately.

The past two weeks have been so jam-packed full of events I have hardly had time to read my email let alone make blog posts, Tweets, Facebook updates, etc. I started school again last week as well as this week I started a new job so now I am working two part-time jobs and going to school at night. Needless to say I have my hands full right now!

I have many ideas for blog posts including finishing up my reviews from last weeks Family History Expo in Sandy, Utah. There are a number of posts I want to make from that expo. There are a couple of other really cool posts that I am wanting to get up and going soon.

I am going to spend this weekend working on catching up on blog posts which I will have scheduled coming out over the next week or so, working on things for the Utah Genealogical Association, and of course work on my own genealogy. It has been a while since I have sat down and worked on my own genealogy I am having withdrawals... haha.

So, stay tuned over the next week or two for some great genealogy posts from FindMyAncestor. And again, I ask you to be patient with my lack of posts that may occur over the next few months.

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