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Mobile Monday – FamilyBee

Today's Mobile Monday post is going to be a little bit different. My usual reviews are for iPhone/iPod Touch apps that you can download through the App Store. Since I have an iPhone I am aware of many apps available to help you with your genealogy research for that platform. I am not familiar with many apps available for Android or Blackberry. I thought it would be a good break-up from the usual posts. Especially for those of you out there with an Android based phone. In the future I will try to find more Android and Blackberry applications to post about.

About a week ago Dick Eastman posted about a genealogy application for the Android based phones. The following post was written by Dick Eastman:

Several newsletter readers have recently stated, "I wish someone would write a genealogy application for the Android operating system." Well, someone did last year. In fact, I wrote about it on October 19, 2009 newsletter at

FamilyBee was originally a genealogy program for the Google Android Phone. However, the program has since been improved and now runs on all Android-based phones, such as the Droid, Evo, and Backflip. According to the program's web site:
Family Bee is a full-featured robust family tree browser. It allows you to view information about families and individuals stored in GEDCOM genealogy files.

Whether you family is large or small, you can carry it with you on your phone. Your GEDCOM files are stored on your SD card, and the system has been tested to provide solid performance on files up to 12 megabytes (32,000 names). Our reader fully understands the industry standard GEDCOM 5.5 format, and supports all official character encodings: ANSEL, ASCII, UTF-8, and UNICODE.

Family Bee lets you store an unlimited number of trees; supports fast searches over the individuals in the trees; and provides specialized views of families, individuals, "pedigree" trees, and descendents. All facts, events, notes, and sources are at your fingertips.

To purchase it (US $10.00), go directly to the Android Market or scan the attached QR-code with a bar-code scanner. Documentation is available on-line.

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  1. A.C.,

    The Android has a new Beta Application for Find-A-Grave. You can search for "findgrave". It is in Beta, and the only feature at this point is to Search for an Entry. If you are familiar with the way you search on Find-A-Grave, you have the same searching capability in FindGrave. Pretty quick, results were good, so far, in my initial testing.

    Other features shown on the Screen, but not available yet. I am waiting for it to allow me to Take a Photo and Post it on the spot.

    Than you,


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