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The following post continues the Mobile Monday Series reviewing various apps for mobile devices that help doing genealogy while you are on the go. If you haven't been following this series be sure to check previous posts:

Mobile Monday - Genealogy Gems Podcast App

Since you are reading this blog you obviously know what a blog is and most likely have your own genealogy or other type blog. This next app gives you the ability to write and publish your blogs from your iPhone or iPad.
Once the app loads, you first have to set up BlogPress with your blogging account. There are multiple blogging platforms you can set up your BlogPress with. You can even have multiple accounts to publish at the same time to.
Blogging platforms available in BlogPress
You can set up your account to be able to connect to your Twitter and Facebook accounts as well.
Writing your blog post is easy and quick. When you create a new post a screen comes up giving you the availability to specify which blog you want to post it to, the title of the post, and of course the content of the post.
Write a New Post
You can even include photos and videos in you blog posting. Simply click the icon in the upper right-hand corner and follow the prompts of where you want your images or videos to be gathered from.
Insert Media
Inserting an image into the blog post
After writing your post you can either publish it right then and there or you can save it as a draft and come back to it at another time to continue writing or publish.
Saving your blog post
BlogPress makes it easy to write, customize, and publish to your blog while you are on the go.

iPhone App
iPad App

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