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Mobile Monday – On This Day…

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In last weeks Mobile Monday posting I wrote about Articles, an app that lets you look up Wikipedia articles on your iPhone. I mentioned that this week I would be featuring an app that goes hand-in-hand with Articles. 

Have you ever wondered what historical event happened on your birthday or an ancestor's birthday? This next app is a great way to find out what historical events happened on any specific day.

On This Day...

On This Day is a great app to get a daily dose of world history. By simply clicking on this app once a day and spending 5 minutes reading through the events you could gain a better understanding of some of the things going on in the world during the time of your ancestors.

Since many of the events shown are war-time events, you could learn why an ancestor died on a particular day during the war. You may have been told or found out that they died on that day, but haven't necessarily looked up the war event that caused their death. This is a great way to help learn more about those historical events.

As you scroll through the events you will notices some key words, places, and events are links. When you click those links it comes up with the following screen:

In order for those links in On This Day... to work, Articles will need to be downloaded. To read more about Articles read last weeks post. Mobile Monday - Articles 

Once Articles is downloaded, the two apps will work back and forth between the two and anything in On This Day... that you click on will automatically open up in Articles allowing you to continue learning more about the events of each day.

I have especially enjoyed learning about various events that give more detail into World War II since I am particularly interested in that era of history. Both of these apps can be very valuable to your genealogical research. To download Articles click on the link on the previous post and to download On This Day... click the link below.


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  1. I always learn new history facts – sometimes it is fascinating information.

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