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Mobile Monday – Book Bazaar

Book Bazaar

If you are like me, there are many genealogy books out there you have on a wish list. Book Bazaar is a great app for looking up books online and compare prices on sites such as,, and more.

You can browse for books by specific stores as well as your local libraries. 

Book Bazaar allows you to search for books by the books ISBN, Title, Author, and Keyword. There are many times I can't remember the exact title or author of a book and this helps my find the book I am thinking of. 

Book Bazaar is also great for finding new books on any topic by searching for keywords. I have been able to find a number of genealogy books I haven't heard of before.

One of the greatest things about Book Bazaar is you can create a wishlist. I don't know about you, but I have SO many books I want to read and Book Bazaar helps me keep an organized list where I can simply click on an item in my list and buy it right there from the app on Amazon and other bookstores.

I highly recommend Book Bazaar for helping finding, organizing, and purchasing all of your genealogy books while you are on the go. For more information on the app as well as to download it, click the link below.


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