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Mac Genealogy – Genealogy Software for Mac

The following post continues the series Mac Genealogy. This series will help you learn of different applications, tricks, and lots of other great things that will help you with your genealogy research. As Macs become more and more popular, more genealogists are moving to Mac. This blog series will also help for those who are thinking of switching to Mac, but aren't quite sure - yet! If you haven't been following the series so far, be sure to catch up on previous posts.

As a genealogist, one of the first questions you are going to ask yourself about switching over to a Mac is what kind of genealogy database programs are available for Mac? Will the current software I have work on a Mac? These are very important questions to ask yourself because you of course want all of your hard work you have done on your PC to be able to work on your Mac.

Most genealogists today have some sort of database program to keep all their information about their ancestors. Depending on each individual software, these database programs can include features to records events in your ancestor’s lives like birth, marriage, death, etc. Some of the more complex programs will let you attach photos and videos directly to your ancestors and sometime the actual event in their life.

Now, programming is so different between Macs and PCs that most of the time one program that will work on one won’t work on the other. The software developers have to pretty much make two different programs of the same software. Each one has to have different code to be able to talk to the operating system. 

At the moment, there is no genealogy software that will work on both Mac and PC natively - at least not that I am aware of. There have been software developers in the past that have had both operating system platforms, but until the past few years it wasn’t worth it for developers to keep their Mac versions because they did not see the demand high enough. Over the last few years Macs have become more and more popular and so software developers have been making more apps for Mac and there has even been an announcement in the last few months by that they are releasing a Mac version of their Family Tree Maker software. They say this will become available later this year. To learn more about Family Tree Maker for Mac visit their website.
To see more screenshots of FTM for Mac, click here.
I am assuming that integration between the PC and Mac version will be pretty smooth. Users who wish to go from one to the other will probably have a simple “transfer” process without errors or issues. We will have to see for ourselves when is come out.

Now, if you are completely new to genealogy or you are looking for a different genealogy software to use on your Mac, there are quite a few choices out there for you. There are a few programs that are the most popular and well known for Mac.

These are some more genealogy programs for Mac:

Next week I will post reviews of the first three softwares I mentioned above (Reunion, iFamily, and MacFamilyTree)

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