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Apple or Windows? New Series on Apple Genealogy

Most of the world's population today use Microsoft Windows PCs and therefore most of the software programmed today are also Windows only. However, over the past few years many people have been converting over to Apple computers and thus more and more software is becoming available for both Windows and Mac.

There are many reasons I prefer a Mac over a Windows computer. Things like simplicity, graphics, viruses, malware, and many of the other problems Windows computers have that you don't have to worry about on Macs - yet. I bet as Macs become more popular and are more widely used issues like viruses, malware, and spyware will become problems but for now I enjoy not having to worry about my virus software being up-to-date or using precious resources like my processor and RAM to always be checking for harmful threats to my computer.

Now, why is it that there are more Windows users than there are Mac users? I think there are a number of determining factors you have to consider. 

First, somewhere along the road businesses started using Windows computers for all their databases, finances, etc. and it soon became an industry standard. That just what everyone used. I am not sure the history between Windows and Mac and when each company started or when Windows seemed to overtake the market, but it obviously did. 

Second, because most people used Windows computers that is what they know.  Since most people used Windows computers at work, school, and in the home, that was what they learned how to use and many people do not want to learn something else. Windows and Mac have always had different interfaces and ways of accomplishing the same task on each operating system. It can be difficult for some who have never used a Mac to transition from one operating system to another. However, in my opinion, once you learn how to use a Mac you will see and most likely agree that they are much less complicated and simpler to use. Most people who I have talked to who have switched operating systems say they like how simple and easy to use Macs are compared to Windows.

Third, price. I think this is one of the biggest factors on why people use Windows rather than Macs. The price is significantly more for a Mac than it is for a Windows computer. Below is a comparison I did on similar configured computers comparing the two operating systems with prices.
HP Source:
Apple Source:

In the end, it comes to personal preference whether or not you want to learn a different operating system, how much you want to spend, how much time you want to spend fixing and protecting against viruses, and what kind of software you use. Even though Apple computers are quite a bit more, I find that between the software that comes pre-installed, quality of hardware, and the time I save because of simplicity, the price is worth it.

Like I said earlier, more and more companies are coming out with their same software for both platforms. That tells me that more and more people are getting Macs and that the software demand for Macs is gaining. Ultimately, I prefer to use my Mac, but at the same time find it helpful to also use my Windows computer at times too.

I am starting a weekly blog topic, New to Mac: For Genealogists, for those genealogists how are new to Macs or are thinking about making the switch. I will be covering very basic navigation on a Mac, software that comes on a Mac that will make your life SO much easier, genealogy database reviews, tricks on how to do really cool things with your genealogy on your Mac, software that isn't necessarily for genealogy, but I find very helpful in doing my research, and much more. Stay tuned for your weekly dose of Mac genealogy. Be sure to subscribe to the Find My Ancestor Blog for automatic updates to every post made!

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  1. I'm looking forward to this series. I purchased a mac for college daughter this past spring but before agreeing to buy it the salesman had to convince me of their benefits over PCs. He did and I am so impressed with her computer and Apple's service that I want one now. Looking forward to learning more…

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