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"Who Do You Think You Are" Review

Recently I finished the book "Who Do You Think You Are" by Megan Smolenyak. 

At first, many people thought the book was just a text version of the TV show that was on NBC this past spring, but in fact, it is a beginners guide to genealogy.

Even though the book is only about 200 pages, I was very surprised at the amount of detail that was included. Writing a "how to" book on genealogy can be very difficult because there are SO many things that can be covered making the book into a number of volumes. But like I said, I was very happy to see the topics that were covered and the amount of detail that she covered. Of course, if you are wanting to go more in depth on the topics she covers, there are a lot of books, websites, blogs, and other resources.

The book includes chapters on preparing for you research, online research, and the importance of passing on and sharing what you find with others. She describes some of the most used and popular records such as birth, marriage, death, census, military, and immigration/emigration. 

One of my favorite things about the book is that Megan included a lot of websites, both free and paid, to find the records she was describing. I am always excited to find new websites I can search for records or information about a particular topic.

As I was reading the book I kept telling my parents what a great book it is for someone who is just getting started in genealogy. As soon as I finished it my mother started reading it so maybe me talking about it sparked a little interest in her!

Click here to learn more about Who Do You Think You Are. If you are interested in learning more about Megan Smolenyak, visit her website Honoring Our Ancestors website.

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  1. Nice review! I enjoyed the people she chose to use for examples. A fun read.

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