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Mobile Monday – Articles

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Wikipedia is one of the largest websites today. Millions of articles have been published on Wikipedia to help us learn and better understand our world and the many things in it.

I am sure most of us have used Wikipedia at least once in our genealogy research. Many times when I come across a word I am not familiar with I Google it and in the search results Wikipedia is usually one of the first on the list.

Wikipedia is on of the best ways to learn about an item, topic, location, person, etc. I really has taken place of the volumes of encyclopedias that used to take up so much room on our book shelves and cost so much money. Wikipedia is fast, free, and easy to use.


Articles is a Wikipedia viewer allowing articles and images to be viewed directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

You can use the integrated maps feature to find interesting places and historic events around your current location and anywhere else in the world.

Some of the really great features of Articles include:
  • Discover articles around the globe using maps
  • Shake your device and it will randomly chose and article for you to read
  • You can preview and zoom in on images
  • Share article links by email
  • Save photos to your Camera Roll
  • Adjustable text size
  • Access recently viewed articles offline
  • Bookmarks and Folders to help keep your research organized

Articles is a great way to easily lookup Wikipedia articles while on the go. Next weeks article I will be featuring an app that goes hand-in-hand with Articles and make researching history day by day easy and fun. Stayed tuned.

To download Articles, visit the iTunes store by clicking on the link below. 
To learn more about iTunes and why they require credit card information even when apps are free, see the article I wrote about iTunes Account.

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