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NGS Conference Exhibits – Part 1

At the NGS Conference there were the typical exhibitors that you see at every genealogy conference -,,, FamilySearch, etc. but there were also a few new companies/associations I have never seen before or that I think are so cool that I want to feature.

"Geneartogy - the name itself is a contaction of Genealogy and Art and that's what we do". I first came to know of Geneartogy back in January when I was at the Mesa Family History Expo. I found the concept of their designs so intriguing and very creative. I love seeing creative ways to display our family histories and this is one of my favorite ways of displaying it I have seen. Geneartogy allows people to create their own customized family tree for display in their homes. Your projects are created on either canvas or watercolor paper. Geneartogy also frames your project and ships them directly to your home.

To learn more about Geneartogy and their products, click on the link below.

Geneartogy-family tree templates

If you are a genealogist that wants to make a little extra money on the side then this next company is something you might want to look into. Genlighten is a fairly new website that allows you to post your profile and your qualifications for genealogical research. Through Genlighten people can contact you and consult with you to find records, documents, and other genealogy research. It is a great way to network, help out other genealogists, and make a few dollars. 

Be sure to check back for more exhibitors and re-postings of my tweets from the NGS conference.

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