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Graveyard Preparedness – Part 5

This is part of a series on being prepared when visiting cemeteries in your genealogy research.

Now that you have done your research, charged your camera, and collected your tools, you are ready to visit the cemetery.

Whether you are visiting the cemetery for your ancestor, or for someone else through Find A Grave, Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, or any other volunteer effort, be sure to share with others the photos you have taken and information you have found.

If the person does not yet have a memorial on Find A Grave, create one and add the headstone picture with information about the person. Also add the information on Names In Stone. You never know who else might me searching for the same person and by creating and adding to memorials on websites like these you will help others fulfill their genealogical research. I have had many people help me in taking photographs of my ancestor's headstones that I am not able to visit myself. I am very grateful for those who take their time in helping me, so I give back by helping others when I can.

There is one more thing that I suggest you do if at all possible. Before you leave your house, check on Find A Grave to see if there are any photo requests in the cemetery you are visiting, especially if there are little or no volunteers in the area. You can help others who may not have specifically asked you to help them. This is a great way to help others.

Graveyard Preparedness Checklist
  • Charge camera battery
  • Make sure there is enough room on the camera's memory card
  • Research location of grave
  • Find a map of the cemetery to pinpoint the location
  • Put together a Graveyard Prep Kit and take it with
  • Create or add to an existing memorial on Find A Grave and Names In Stone
  • If at all possible, check Find A Grave before you leave your house to find any other requests in that cemetery. Help pass along the same kindness others show to you.

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  1. Thanks Avery for that last tip. What a great idea to check and see if you can help someone else when you go to a cemetery. I haven't made too many cemetery trips as yet so I hadn't thought of that tip.

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