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St. George Family History Expo Banquet

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are just way too many things to do, write about, research, and prepare, and yet not enough time to do it all? - I know I'm not the only one!

I have been so busy this week with work and school that I haven't had any time to do any genealogy, so today I am setting aside everything else to work on some of my own genealogy and to catch up on some blogs that I have promised... I am SO sorry I have gotten behind.

I guess first things first. I promised last week I would give a summary of my presentation I gave last week at the St. George Family History Expo Banquet. The banquet was very nice and I think we all had a lot of fun!

Jean Wilcox Hibben sponsored the banquet and came up with the theme "The Wonderful Wizard of Blogz". The banquet included presentations by Jean herself, Arlene Eakle, myself(A.C. Ivory), and Gena Philibert Ortega.

I was asked to focus my presentation on blogging and Twitter, and how they can help genealogists in their research. I must first say that I am very surprised and proud of all the genealogists out there who have a blog and use Twitter. I must admit that before I started to really get serious in genealogy I thought that blogs and twitter were for high school kids and stay-at-home moms to write about their kids in school. I was very wrong!! Blogs and Twitter are used by every age group, and every group of people.

As I have used my blogs and Twitter I have learned many things! As I was preparing my presentation I came up with what I call the 5 "f's" of blogging and tweeting. Click here to view the slides I used for my presentation. I also showed examples of my blogs and my Twitter page to give the audience an example of what you can do and what they look like. Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

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