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New FamilySearch Affiliate Programs

I read a great article in the newspaper this morning. In the Mormon Times, a segment of the Deseret News they had an article about the New FamilySearch and the Apps that have been created by third-party companies that help make the New FamilySearch even better than it already is.

First, a little background about New FamilySearch. For the last decade the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been running and maintaining the popular genealogy website Many have used this website to find their ancestors and locate documents such as books, microfilm, and microfiche through the Family History Library Catalog. Over the past couple of years, FamilySearch has been developing and testing their new website, New FamilySearch, with the members of the LDS Church. The New FamilySearch has only been available to members, but will soon become available to everyone. 

To learn more about when the New Family Search will be available to the public, I suggest listening to the Genealogy Gems Podcast most recent episode(Episode 84). Lisa Louise Cooke, owner and host of Genealogy Gems recently interviewed Bryce Roper who works for FamilySearch. Bryce gives a lot of great information on what we can look forward to in the near future with FamilySearch.

The article in the Deseret News gave a list and description of the different affiliate programs that are currently FamilySearch certified with many more coming soon. Links to certified affiliates can be found at the website. Once there click on "More Great Products"

  • Record Managers:
    • Ancestral Quest (Windows)
    • FamilyInsight (Windows and Mac)
    • Legacy Family Tree (Windows)
    • MagiKey Family Tree (Windows)
    • RootsMagic 4 and RootsMagic 4 Essentials (Windows)
  • Print Services
    • Charting Companion (Web)
    • Family ChArtist (Web)
    • Generation Maps (Web)
    • TreeSeek (Web)
  • Access, sync
    • Family Pursuit (Web)
  • Access, update
    • Grow Branch (Web)
  • Access
    • Genetree (Web)
    • Get My Ancestors (Windows and Mac)
    • MobileTree (iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Photo Hosting
    • Apple Tree (Web)
    • Family Photoloom (Web)
  • Temple Ordinaces
    • All My Cousins (Web)
    • Ordinance Tracker (Windows and Mac)
    • One Click Temple Trip (Web, still in beta)
  • Research Wiki Access
    • Live-Roots (Web)
To read the entire article, click here.

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