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I Think Someone Has the Genealogy Bug!!

Last weekend was great to be able to go to the St. George Family History Expo and attend all the great classes, see friends, and meet new people.

All of the classes were great with many new things on the horizon. One great thing about these conferences is that those who haven't done genealogy in a long time remember the fun you have when searching for your family, and even better is when there are those who get bit by the genealogy bug!

After lunch on Saturday I skipped class so I could catch up on a little tweeting and so I could go around the exhibit hall and talk with some of the vendors without the mad rush of people in between classes. As I was walking around I met one of the vendors, April, who has her own business, Digital Scrapbook Memories, selling digital scrapbook graphics. I knew my mom would be interested in stuff like that so I stopped by to see exactly what is was all about.

As I started talking with April she started asking me how I got involved with genealogy and what is was that sparked my interest. Many people ask me that when they first meet me at places like one of these conferences because I am so young and you rarely see someone my age doing genealogy. April and I talked for quite a while about different aspects of genealogy and she was asking me a lot of questions. It was so fun to help answer these questions for her. I love helping others learn about genealogy and how to get started.

I think our conversation really sparked that interest for her and now she seems to be infected like the rest of us! I love it when new people get involved with genealogy because it expands that social network of people to help each other solve our brick walls and make new friendships. I am so glad I stopped by her booth and talked with her. She seems like she has so much enthusiasm and that makes me even more excited to help other people get started on their genealogy.

Go check out April's blog and what she had to say about the conference. I think you too will be able to see the excitement she now has to start digging into her roots and find those ancestors who have been waiting for someone like her to research the past. April's blog address is

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  1. Thanks A.C.!! As I mentioned in an e-mail I came home SO EXCITED about what we talked about! Thanks to you I finally have a good place to get started and I'm so excited to know someone as cool as you are to ask questions to. Seriously, you amaze me.

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