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Family History in 37 Minutes

There was a really great article in Thursday's paper of the Deseret News on family history. The article is titled Family History in 37 Minutes. The article talks about a family who has made a 37 minute documentary on their family history. 
The message Clayton Brough wants your family to take away is this: Family history is not just for crusty old men winding and rewinding microfilm in a dark back room.
The video can be viewed on YouTube and the entire script is on
We tapped into resources online," Brough said, pointing out they didn't have to wait months on end to get information or images for video: Family members from across the globe could send a quick e-mail and they had what they needed.
 This article gives a great example of a family history project to help preserve and share our genealogy with others. It also gives a great example of how we can get the younger generations involved with family history. To read the entire article, click here.

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