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10 Tips from dearMYRTLE

This morning the first class I went to at the St. George Family History Expo was dearMYRTLE's class on 10 Things Genealogists Cannot Live Without.

dearMYRTLE's presentation gave a great outline of key websites and resources to successfully do your genealogy. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced genealogist, these 10 things are great to remember and use in your research.
  1. FamilySearch Bridging Software
  2. FamilySearch (wiki, catalog, record search, indexing)
  3. ("wiggling leaf")
  4. Online Book "Access (FamilySearch, Google Books, WorldCat)
  5. Improved Search Engines (Advanced Google Search, LiveRoots, SteveMorse, GenSmarts)
  6. Locality Specific Websites (county, state, or country specific)
  7. iGoogle
  8. Social Networking Resources
  9. Online File Storage (refer to online backup series)
  10. Distribution Methods (, MyCanvas,, Picasa, Flickr)
For more info, or to contact dearMYRTLE, visit her website at

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  1. Thank you for Sharing! I love tips from the Expos!

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