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What Better Way To Start Than To Organize

The first class I attended at the Mesa Family History Expo was by Leland Meitzler. His presentation was  titled Organizing, Preserving, Accessing, and Sharing Your Genealogy Using Digital Documents and Pictures. Even though I already have a filing system for most of my genealogy(still wondering the best way to organize all my photos), I am always interested in new ways of doing it and learning ways that might help improve my system.

His presentation was great because he was saying how he can find any document or picture in just a matter of seconds. He described the "hierarchy" of the files and folders within his computer.

As he was giving his presentation, I noticed that all of his folders had strange letters at the end of them. I was really curious as to what they meant. Some of the folders were something like Johnson, Henry and Elizabeth Richards JHER. He explained that the four letters were for the Last Name, Husband's First Name, Wife's First Name, and Wife's Maiden Name. I thought this was a little strange. I didn't understand why you would want to include that weird code until he explained the simplicity in finding that particular folder on his computer using the search feature. If you want to go directly to that folder on your hard drive without having to go through the hierarchy, simply type in this four-digit code into the search box. If it is an unusual code, it will most likely be the only one in the list or at least towards the top. After he explained it, I realize how great that is because it can sure save a lot of time. I also agree with him that this little feature works better on a Mac because the search does seem to be a lot quicker.

I am not sure if I want to incorporate that feature into my filing system or not because it will take some time to set it up and get used to it. If I do it will have to be a weekend project.  I really enjoyed his presentation and definitely learned some new techniques that could be used to help keep all of my family history organized and easily accessible.

If you would like to know more about Leland, visit his blog at

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