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I have been thinking quite a bit about personal histories lately and in today's newspaper, the Deseret News, there is a great story on writing personal histories and the importance of them.

I did an article a little while ago about keeping a journal, but of course family histories are quite different. We may not have kept a journal throughout our lives, so those day-to-day stories may not be told, but if you have not kept a journal and even if you have, I strongly recommend you write a personal history.

You may think to yourself, I don't really have anything that interesting in my life to write about. Even if you feel that way, your descendants 100 years from now will be thrilled you wrote what you did. Everyone has a story worth telling.

In this article it states that the Utah Chapter of the Association of Personal Historians is on a mission: "Saving your life, one story at a time." Paulette Stevens, a member of the association says "We still have many of the Greatest Generation with us, those who lived through the Depression, went to war and came home to make solid contributions to society. We have been standing on their shoulders for decades, but now they are going away. We need their stories before they go."

Stevens later goes on and says "So often, people think that if they get down what happened, that's the end. But what is most important is what it means to them. Sometimes, just asking, 'how did you feel about that?' can make a huge difference."

To read more about this article and how you can go about writing your personal history, visit the Deseret News. 

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