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Mesa Family History Expo

Well, I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back to Salt Lake City and finally have Wi-Fi after three days of not having it! I have a lot of blogging to do about all of the different events and classes that happened this weekend at the Mesa Family History Expo.

For the next week or maybe two I will be posting highlights of the expo and things I learned to help further my research and I hope they will be things to help you as well.

To start off, the expo began with a Keynote speaker, Tim Sullivan (CEO of His presentation was titled Digital Expectations: Preserving Yesterday's Records for Today's Researchers. This was a pretty interesting presentation on the process and equipment used to digitize all of the many records from around the world.

High-speed scanners, book scanners, advanced software, and 3rd-party consultants are involved in the digitization process. To me, it is amazing that there are scanners out there that can turn the page of a book and scan the pages in only a matter of seconds. No human hands need to be involved with turning the pages or scanning.

Using 3rd-party digitizers such as workers in China allow to digitize many more records in shorter time and less the cost.

As always, amazes me at the amount of records they continually provide and the simplicity of finding those documents to help further our research.

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  1. It was great to finally meet you while at Family History Expo in Mesa! I wish I could go to the St. George Expo and I look forward to your posts about Mesa and St. George!

  2. It was nice to meet you in Mesa. Like Thomas, I look forward to reading your reports on St. George.

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