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Genealogy… Isn’t that for OLD people?

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When most people hear the word genealogy or "family history" they immediately think, it is just for old people or say "My grandma does that.". There are very few "young" people out there that do genealogy.

Why is is that people have that mind set that it is just an old granny thing to do? Why aren't there more of the younger generations out there searching for their ancestors? After all, they are the ones who are computer savvy. They grew up with computers and are quicker to learn all of the new technologies.

One question I have been asking myself lately is "How can we(genealogists) get more of the young people involved and interested in genealogy?" I know we can't force anyone to do anything, but I think that if many of them would just give it a try, they would be hooked! So now I am asking you - What are ways you have heard or ways that you have thought of to intrigue the younger people in doing genealogy?

Email me your suggestions at I will be doing a future article on your suggestions and ideas to get the younger people involved with genealogy.

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  1. Two great genealogy bloggers to look at who are among the younger set and both with great ideas: Elyse Doerflinger and Nick Gombash.

  2. At my age, not quite "old" or "young," I feel sandwiched.

    Recently, I dropped membership in a society that openly states their activities are geared toward the 50+ set. I'm not quite sure why age is a factor.

    As for my own child and younger family, I make sure they know they have ancestors at Gettysburg, in the Dawes Rolls, Ellis Island, etc. so when they learn about those events, they may pay more attention and it will have more meaning.

  3. I had my 8 year old granddaughter enthralled over Christmas. She sat on my lap and "helped" with data entry. We looked at photos of the ancestors and places they had lived.

    The Jesuits say "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man." perhaps we need to encourage a genealogy interest in the very young.

    Granddaughter was so impressed with our genealogy session that she volunteered to take over when I die!

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